Friday, October 19, 2007

VMC is a New Finnish Rich Media Channel

VMC episode dedicated to the Blog. How much could we save by using e-invoicing? And the story continues...

Moi Helge V.,

Andrea Vascellari has posted a comment to Andrea's presence update "@digitalvillages I like your definition of 'Rich Media Channel'!":

Yes, now you can easily send your audio and video comments directly from the site ( ) or send them via email, but what I want to do with VMC in the near future is having live conversation on the channel so people could interact live with the host/hosts and with the other participants that are attending live the show.

Helge: Good idea!

I want to innovate the classic 'cliques' of online video, podcasting etc.

Helge: More interactivity; dialogue.

In my opinion we are talking about new media...and I think that new media is about sharing, linking, tagging the content, but it’s also about interaction. So why not live?!

Helge: I agree!

I’m already working on it so stay tuned on VMC for new updates! here's the RSS feed

I also invite you, your colleagues and your community to interact with VMC! I would love to hear or watch your feedbacks, what do you think about VMC and most of all what do you think about the topics shared by VMC. Let's join and spread the conversation globally,


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