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With FriendCSV, Data Sneaks Out Facebook’s Back Door

With FriendCSV, Data Sneaks Out Facebook’s Back Door: "As we’ve suggested before, there is an underlying problem with many proprietary systems - such as Facebook - because information inside of them tends to get trapped. Information flows in but not so easily back out.

This can be very frustrating for users who wish that the highly personal data stored in social networks could be transferred to other applications for other uses.

Indeed, Google reportedly has plans to compete with Facebook by ending this frustration and providing a more open social networking platform."

I wrote about it in my HULIQ article.

Google Saving $10bn buying Finnish Jaiku!


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Google, Jaiku, GPhone, and Orkut make an interesting mashup that can lead to a re-evaluation of rumors that Google is competing with Microsoft to buy Facebook.

Microsoft is probably now even more interested in Facebook. Google is improving its own services. The Finnis mobile giant didn't see the opportunities in Jaiku.

Nokia payed €5,7bn for US based Naviteq. Navigation is expanding the horizons of mobile services. Jaiku is a perfect match for Google's next new thing -- the rumored gPhone!

The search engine giant Google acquired the Finnish Jaiku microblogging community yesterday. This purchase opens up a new perspective.

Jaiku combined with the Google’s Orkut social media site, that is popular in South-America and India, can probably save $10bn for Google.

  • Googl
  • Jaiku
  • GPhone
  • Orkut

Google can build an immensely interesting social media mashup with these tools. Jaiku extends Google services to mobile phones. Facebook, however, is still a very Web 2.0 focused Social Media.

The rumours of GooglePhone (gPhone) to hit the market early this year is also a thing that matches well in the mix.

Jaiku's main goal is to bring people closer together by enabling them to share their presence. "For us, presence is about everyday things as they happen - what you're up to, how you're feeling, where you're going." Jaiku says.

“We offer a way to connect with the people you care about by sharing presence updates with them on the Web and mobile.” Is written in the “About Jaiku” presentation.

We're a young company and developing constantly, so check out the Jaikido blog for the latest updates. We appreciate your feedback, so feel free to comment away on the blog.

The tiny company will become an important part in Google’s Social Media launch. Small is beautiful when combined with something as big as Google.

“We're based in Helsinki, the capital of Finland up in the very north of Europe. The address of our office is Pieni Rooberinkatu 7, 00130 Helsinki, Finland.” Jaiku informs.

For those who like to get more information or press, please, find the Jaiku finders at this address.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, please contact the founders Jyri (+358-40-52 28 496) or Petteri (+358-40-77 27 007). We are all reachable by email at firstname at jaiku dot com.


Vesa Keinonen Says: "Jaiku seems to be very interesting. Now they are telling about it In MindTrek Conference in Tampere, Finland. But is it possible to make money with Jaiku possiblble to make money with Jaiku?"


If you like to follow the discussion, please come to:


What is Jaiku and Twitter? The Swiss blogger "richard" describes what's happening in the microblogging world. There are more than Twitter and Jaiku, but these two have already a lot of users.

What is a twitterstorm? Posted by richard under social networking , twitter. This is a quote of ricahrd's blog:

The twitterstorm is a description of an event where hundreds of 140 character messages are sent at the same time. The most recent example of this occurrence is the one that took place when news of jaiku being swallowed by Google broke. Both twitter and Jaiku are similar. They both give you a 140 characters to express yourself and they can both be taken with you.

When Jaiku was sold to Google the Twitter community has been wondering what’s next for them. That is true, at least for those who are not heavy users of twitter. For the more passive user Jaiku is more appealing because it’s got more bells and whistles. Twitter relies on your ability to express what is on your mind exclusively through text. Tinyurl does make the task a little simpler.

What made the storm so interesting is how over a period of just a few minutes hundreds of SMS could be received should you turn on twitter tracking as I did. I was been bombarded by messages at a tremendous rate. Everyone wanted to be able to say that they twittered the event. They did. Twitter didn’t go down.

Jaiku did though, after all there’s nothing more attractive than a website that’s just become part of the googleverse.It’s fun to see these new media events. That’s right BAMS students. Do media events still occur? Yep, and the twitterstorm around Jaiku is one of them.

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  • We had first whit snow on the ground in Sotkamo Finland 10 October 2007.

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