Saturday, November 24, 2007

About Markus Wagner « HOT & TOP EUROPEAN WEB 2.0 STARTUPS

About Markus Wagner « HOT & TOP EUROPEAN WEB 2.0 STARTUPS: "

Markus Wagner i5invest

This blog gives an overview / list of hot European startups (web 2.0, B2C, B2B, mobile, internet) and my private opinion.

I was searching for interesting web 2.0 companies out of Europe. I was searching for those, which are well known, those which will be important in 2 years from now.

I couldn’t find a valid objective source, so I’m starting my own blog, sharing my thoughts with you.I’m European, I’m living in New York - I’m working in the web 2.0 business; always looking for the next exciting idea.

Helge: I learned about Markus Wagner through Amanda Money. She is a Facebook and Twitter friend. So, we need someone from New York to cover the European start-ups.

My team and I are investing in hot European startup’s and help them grow (i5invest web 2.0 business incubator/start-up factory). I’m an entrepreneur, most of them are. I haven’t had that much fun in work for a long time! Visit my website: European web 2.0 business incubator

There are some great companies we already helping to grow, there are some super hot companies someone else invested in (that’s more than fair) and unfortunately there will be great companies no-one will ever know about, because the didn’t get spotted. The aim of this blog is, to not miss any of the hottest companies who have the potential to change the world (not just Europe)

Helge: The same about i5invest. I guess, Amandas blog took me to i5invest the first time.

Europe is so diverse, market knowledge is so broadly spread all over different countries, that it’s hard to track all of the exciting ideas and initiatives and I’m also relying on your input.

I’ll focus on business2consumer (B2C) and entertainment companies, those which already were discovered and those which aren’t yet.

I’d love to hear and learn from you so feel free to contact me.

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