Friday, November 23, 2007

About Zing and What Doug Meacham said

Hi this is an automatic email from TwitterMail with some new replies: @digitalvillages: Zing would be an interesting place for medical Specialists to form communities at 22-11-2007 19:33 (You recieve this message automatic from TwitterMail) .

Helge: I had this Twitter reply in my email this morning. Zing? I didn't know about it. How could this be used to build a medical community? I consulted the home page. "Always connected, mobile entertainment..." But Doug Meacham said, "Zing would be an interesting place for medical Specialists to form communities." I've to talk more about this today.

About Us: "Always connected, mobile entertainment. That’s our vision at ZING. And we’re making it a reality with the ZING mobile entertainment engine. ZING’s platform of software and services enables the next generation of mobile entertainment to be always connected and ready to play. By partnering with leading brands, ZING is mobilizing digital media devices that combine live, always-on wireless and digital streams with integrated playback and playlist management.

Once you’ve experienced always-on-connectivity, the way you listen, manage, and play music and entertainment will never be the same. What makes us ZING? Our team has more than just a professional stake in doing it right. We take our business personally because at heart we’re all die-hard music fans.

The kind of people who have hard drives jammed with music, own more MP3 players than ties, and play in rock and roll bands. Most of our resumés may peg us as technophiles, but the reason we’re at ZING is because we’re audiophiles, too. ZING is led by consumer products veteran and entrepreneur, Tim Bucher, a self-proclaimed music fanatic.

He’s had major roles in technology and product development at Apple, Microsoft, WebTV, 3DO, and Mirra. And he’s attracted a team of leading engineers and accomplished business talent whose experience spans TiVo, Microsoft, Napster, MovieLink, Palm, Sun..."
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