Friday, November 09, 2007

Best of the Blogs in Berlin

Helge: Go to the site to find out...

Best of the Blogs in Berlin: "Best of the Blogs in Berlin Since we're in Berlin for the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin, it seems appropriate to mention another Berlin event coming soon, The Best of the Blogs awards ceremony.

It's really worth visiting the site just to get a visceral sense of the global nature of blogging. You won't see here the English-language blogs that appear regularly on the Technorati Top 100. You won't even be able to read the names of many of the blogs, as they are in all the world's languages. 7000 blogs worldwide were submitted by readers.

An international jury has narrowed the list down to 150, and readers have until Nov. 15 to vote for favorites in 15 categories. The Awards Ceremony will be held in Berlin on Nov 15 at Berlin's Museum for Communication."
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