Monday, November 19, 2007

Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer, Creative Sage

Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer, Creative Sage(tm)/Cathryn Hrudicka & Associates.

Cathryn writes, "I'd really be interested in your thoughts, as I work as a management consultant and executive coach, and my specialty areas are creativity and innovation (in organizations, creative project teams, and individuals); and marketing and public relations. I work with companies, trade associatiions and nonprofits. All of them are concerned about the large number of people of my generation—and Gen Y's parents, the baby boomers—who will be retiring in the next decade, and what that will mean for the world's workforce. So, I'd like to hear the opinions of the young people who will be coming up in the workforce concerning work, careers, money, and what you're looking for from your job or career—what qualities, in addition to a good salary?"

Helge: We are in the same business. I need to talk more with Seppo about some of the evolutions in the San Fransisco Bay area.

Cathryn continues, "I also work with professionals who want to redefine "retirement" and live an accomplished, creative life after leaving a corporate job, perhaps starting their own business, writing a book, exploring an artistic talent, traveling around the word, or developing a meaningful project to help other people, animals, or the environment. So, I work with people of different ages who want to enhance their creativity and do something extraordinary, whether through work or another pursuit."

Helge: We've twittered about future clean tech and rural villages developments. I guess social media can expand out of the talk and dialog mode to something more specific. Innovations need to have some limits and border lines. It's easier to create a future village than to change the whole world. All big things start small.

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