Sunday, November 04, 2007

Loic Le Meur about Video on the Net

Loic explains why the people are calling. It was impossible to react like this before. Friends should have the possibility to get connected.

Trusting my friends on Twitter more than press or any other medias. His message goes to 1800 people and on the stage he is going to get responses.

This type of conversations are not available on the TV. We don't want arranged reality.
  • Twitter Vision
  • How the conversation moves
  • People talk
  • It's completely open
  • You decide who to listen
  • The same quality of conversation
  • We can talk all the time
  • We trust in friends
  • Twitter
  • What your friends are posting from around the world
  • Posts are coming from all around the world and live
  • Posting from the conference stage
  • On Facebook, from all your social software
  • The idea is to have a voice with people around the world
  • Discover new people all the time
  • The joy of the morning
  • People I want to stay in touch with
  • Create daily shows 3 to 5 minutes
  • 200 videos are posted every day by 200 people
  • Daily shows 3 to 5 videos

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