Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mobasoft, LLC - Being First doesn't make a winner?

Twittered with Mobasoft. I wanted to learn more about the business idea of Mobasoft, LLC:

"Being first doesn’t mean that you win | By mbailey | November 9, 2007

First to market is not always the winner, especially if you burn up all of your resources while trying to figure out where things are heading.

Helge: It's like Apple and Microsoft. Apple was one of the first. Microsoft made the personal computer to a huge business.

When I created and launched, the online audio commenting system, it was the first of such services that had a zero barrier to entry.

Helge: I take a look.

Click, record, send - it was that simple, and that was April of 2006. Today, MyChingo is used on 4,352 web sites around the world.

Helge: Sounds easy.

MyChingo could do much more, and I receive emails all of the time requesting new features and from people who thank me for making the service.

Helge: How to monetize, maybe?

I’ve spent all my working capital developing the next version of audio and video comments (MobaTalk).

Helge: Turning Web 2.0 ideas and concepts to money...

I have the parts all working fine, and I still have the vision for how things will work together, yet unless I can get my hands on $420,000, 2 programmers, some additional servers and misc. equipment, I won’t be able to roll it out the door.

Helge: The issue of Venture Capital or seed money...

So, in a way, I was first, about a year ahead of the time when people would understand the simplicity and find great uses for my services, but I’m also last, because what I have is a superior video recording system (MP4 right from your web browser) and the best audio recorder (MP3 from your browser, much better than a phone) but I’m not in the market.

Helge: Who did you talk with? Why didn't they get it?

What did happen is that other services such as and came online, one offering dial-in audio comments and the other for online video recording, but both are at a much reduced quality and they are both stand-alone services.

Helge: I don't know Utterz but I'm familiar with Seesmic. Loic Le Meur is a serial entrepreneur. He has branded himself.

Where did I go wrong?
Well, basically with my focus on both ease of use and quality (which I accomplished) it delayed my time to market.

Helge: I don't think there is a monopoly market. Seesmic and the alike's are entering into something emerging. Nobody knows who is going to win the game. The game hasn't even started. Seesmic is a new thing. They might be well funded? I don't know.

Yeah? So what? Is it a race?
No, not really, but without the capital required to pull things off, one cannot even afford to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Helge: What about the VC's? Did you talk? How about building a team? I ask questions. I don't have a clue about the background and track record. I'm curious.

How can I help?
Ahh, I am so glad you asked!
Here’s what I need….an Angel Investor willing to write me a check for $420,000
Who do you know? have them contact me (page here)

Helge: Ok. I get it.

Why should they invest?
Because I am confident that I can turn this into a 500 million dollar business.

Helge: You've been thinking through the potentials.

UPDATE: BTW, has raised $10 million, so others see the market potential as well.

Helge: Who could benefit from your invention? Who should listen? How about the big players? You have a product, not just a powerpoint presentation. The next step is scaling, right?

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