Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mobasoft, LLC

I am an entrepreneur in eMedia. Passionate about the space. I'm an artist, dangit!


Mobasoft, LLC: "Social Media Whitepaper By mbailey | November 15, 2007 I've been trying to wrap my thoughts around how to go about describing new media, social networking to others who may have expressed an interest in such areas. I started writing down my thoughts and decided to turn it into a 3-page whitepaper. Perhaps others can build on my work as I have built my first whitepaper from what I know about this space, and from conversations which I've had with others during the last year or so. There's a link to the PDF file in the center of my blog, or you can get it here. Feel free to download and disperse it as you see fit. I welcome any and all comments, suggestion, or smart remarks which you may have ;^)"

Dear World Society

By mbailey | November 9, 2007

I know that somewhere out there, you are holding on to at least one person who understands my passion and who can see my vision as I do.

Helge: I get curious.

By now, you know me well enough to see how much I despise money - you know that I see it as a necessary tool, one which I know that I need to use to accomplish my goals. You can also see that my tool shed is now nothing more than empty shelves and cobwebs.

Helge: Money?

I ask you this - please direct the person(s) in my direction, so that we can meet, let me borrow from them so that I may create some services and systems which will connect more of us in ways we only dreamed about.

Helge: Getting connected.

You do know that if I had $10 million in the bank right now, and if my immediate necessities were taken care of, that I would be spending $10 million to better the lives of as many people as I could - you do know that, right?

Helge: Quality of life.

Most of us trade our time for money - most of us do not really like what we end up doing on a daily basis - but we all have the same dream - we want a better life.

Helge: A better life.

Money does not make our lives better, though some people use money to items for a short term ego boost, in the end, it’s not about the “things”.

Helge: Short term.

Thanks, and you know that I believe in you, so believe in me and let’s move this forward.

Helge: I ask for more information about the project.

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