Sunday, November 25, 2007

RSS Calendare and Lookout

We are writing to you because you subscribe to RSSCalendar, the online calendar publishing and RSS syndication application ( We are happy to announce that Lookout Software has acquired RSSCalendar.

While we will be developing a more powerful commercial application based on the RSSCalendar platform, we will continue to offer the consumer-oriented version of RSSCalendar, as you know it now, free of charge.

To learn more about Lookout Software please visit our company website at; or check out a few of our other products listed below...

OfficeCalendar: Share Outlook calendar, contact and task information without Exchange Server.

Do you have Microsoft Outlook and need to share calendars with your colleagues, but don't want to spend a fortune on software, hardware, and experts required for Exchange Server? Then OfficeCalendar is the solution you've been searching for. OfficeCalendar is a simple software application that lets you share Outlook calendars and contacts with your colleagues; create interactive group calendars for group scheduling; and more. OfficeCalendar is easy to install and use, and is very affordable. Best of all, if you already know how to use Microsoft Outlook there's nothing new to learn.

Try OfficeCalendar free! Take a free test drive at

and start sharing Outlook calendars with your colleagues in 10 minutes or less.

Office Timesheets: employee time and expense tracking for project-driven organizations.

Discover Lookout Software's all new web-based software application for managing employee timesheets and expenses. Office Timesheets is the first web timesheet application to offer an industry standard Office 2007 style AJAX interface. Office Timesheets is designed with the right mix of features and offers highly flexible setup and customization.

Try Office Timesheets free! Take a free test drive at

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