Friday, November 09, 2007

Xing me to the moon

Dear Helge V. Keitel,

With a XING Marketplace job listing, you can reach millions of qualified business professionals and find top job candidates for your company.

What XING Marketplace offers you:

Qualified business professionals: On, you can reach specialists and decision makers in all industries all over the world.

Automatic profile matching: Your job listing will also be shown on the XING start page to members with matching profiles. This means your listing can even reach individuals who would not normally frequent standard job portals.

Value for money and fair! No minimum charge, no basic fee. You only pay €0.49 ($0.69) per click to your listing. You can set a maximum number of clicks per offer and per month.

Reach qualified specialists and managers with a XING job posting!

Here’s how: Create a posting, enter your payment details, and voilà! Your job listing will go live immediately!

Happy networking,

Your XING Team

Helge: I should be doing more on Xing, I have no time for LinkedIn, my Facebook just sends me widgets, I'm not a super active social media activist. Is life taking over? Smile ;)
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