Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yahoo Adds More Media to IM

Yahoo is one of the largest instant messaging service, with about 27.7 million users in September, up 19 percent from a year earlier, according to data from tracking firm comScore. Time Warner Inc's AOL reported about 30.2 million users.

Helge: I used to use it. Now Yahoo IM occasionally. What made me move to Google?

Yahoo Adds More Media to IM: "Internet media company Yahoo said on Tuesday it is adding media-playing features, large file transfers, new languages and other tools to its instant messaging service.

Helge: Large file transfer isn't a bad idea.

The move comes as a growing number of rivals -- from incumbents like AOL to social network sites like News Corp's MySpace -- boost their positions in the market for instant messaging services.

Helge: There are too many.

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 launched as a test version and has added features similar to ones seen on social networks or media-sharing sites, including extra room to post a picture or other image next to contact names and the ability to share video or photos within a message screen."

Helge: Have to go testing. I'll write more about Yahoo IM later.

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