Saturday, December 29, 2007

Move towards Web 2.0

Start - a few years ago

Aberdeen was one of my first entrepreneurial international operations destinations.

I wrote this in my Wiki over a year ago.

Over the last two years or so we have been busy redesigning some the web based information about our services. There have been a few good books about social collaboration, networking, Web 2.0 and corporate blogging. There have been big events and conferences all over the US and a couple good ones in Europe about it too. Here we try to collect things we find useful for us and our clients on Internet.

  • It is not possible at this point for any business structure small and big one - not to have a blog.
  • Each business entity has to be known and easy-to-be found on Internet.
  • Each company has to have a place where customers can say a few words about that company or the competitors, the products or services or even more - what more is needed.
  • We suspected that making graphical changes might actually increase conversions and so far this is very much the case.
  • We found that by making some small but trendy content changes improved visitor confidence enough to really effect our earnings.
  • Simplicity, doing less, semantics and standards are all keywords being flung around the web-two-o-sphere.
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