Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BioTouch Channel Strategy

A new channel strategy

An important market factor is “buyer behaviour”; how do buyer’s want to purchase the product and service?

  1. Biotouch is a new knowledge based service
  2. We’ve to face the generic problem of selling an innovation
  3. Initially, there is no “demand for the new”
  4. Nobody knows about the features, benefits and advantages

Do they prefer to buy from retailers, locally, via mail order or perhaps over the Internet? Another important factor is buyer needs for product information, installation and servicing.

  1. Big customers are used to traditional sales visits
  2. We need to build an Internet presence
  3. This is a B-to-B selling process

Which channels are best served to provide the customer with the information they need before buying?

  1. Phone call
  2. Visit
  3. Email
  4. Proposal
  5. Internet
  6. Blog
  7. Wiki

Does the product need specific technical assistance either to install or service a product?

  1. The product and services are an integrated package
  2. The core is the service concept

Intermediaries are often best placed to provide servicing rather than the original producer - for example in the case of motor cars.

  1. Specialist support from the team
  2. The local representation comes in later
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