Monday, January 14, 2008

Global Neighbourhoods and Twitter Village

He (Shel Israel) wrote about how to organize the Twitte Village... Not a bad Idea.

Global Neighbourhoods: "Last week Laura Fitton, aka Pistachio posted a well-received blog about the Twitter Village. It's more than a cute thought. It explains how a virtual community, managed by no one, designed to serve no brand or commercial interest self organizes.

In reality, the Twitter Village is fast becoming a megalopolis. Unofficial census takers say there are now over 700,000 denizens to the virtual place and it is growing rapidly. In fact, this doesn't really matter to the people who go there.

Thanks to the self-organizing attributes, we keep subdividing into smaller 'global neighborhoods,' sorted by diverse interests. Laura and I belong to one of the largest of these neighborhoods, the one whose shared passion is social media itself. We occasionally meander into other neighborhoods where the residents are more passionate about politics, sports, entertainment, cooking, etc.

But for the most part most of my closest Twitter friends are social about social media."

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