Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Not a Lecture | Young voters

It's Not a Lecture: "The most important story of the presidential primaries so far is really about turnout, particularly among Democrats, and more importantly among young voters.

The number of young voters participating in the Iowa Caucuses tripled from four years ago. The number of young voters participating in the South Carolina Primary also tripled from four years ago.

It seems that most young voters are supporting the youngest candidate, Senator Obama. It also occurs to me that young people get their information and communicate through social media. So it doesn't surprise me that the campaign that has used social media most aggressively and effectively is Senator Obama's.

I think it's also important to note that on the Republican side, Ron Paul, the GOP's leading fundraiser last quarter thanks to the 'net, is still in the race (at least for the next few days) while at least one 'major' candidate has already dropped out and another seems ready to fall."

Helge: This is a new thing and trend. What will happen during our local elections next autumn? Are we going to see young people entering politics?
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