Saturday, February 09, 2008

1st SIG Webinar - Intro to Social Learning - Social Learning

1st SIG Webinar - Intro to Social Learning - Social Learning: "One question that came up was about how to get management to buy in to Social Learning when they will naturally be against it. In the answer I mentioned the project management tool Backpack. Well, I was off on the name. It is Basecamp. Hey, it is all camping related!"

Helge: I'm familiar with Basecamp. We've used it with a lot of success, some modest and a few complete flops. The platform is easy to use. I guess the motivational factors of being open and social are most important. Collaboration isn't a technical issue anymore. It's all about grasping the idea of being "social" and accepting the idea that "learning is a social and interactive process".

When I first introduced this to our management team they hated the idea and it was worse than a flop. But, picking up my ego off the floor, I gathered my composure and tried again. This time, much smaller. I was putting together a conference and started using Basecamp.

Helge: I completely agree!

It has a lot of Social Learning tools in there. It is cheap, it is easy and it caught on. We started with that one project. In a matter of a couple months, we had to upgrade our account to allow us to use more projects. As employees started using it, they loved it. They started coming asking for more projects, to get our customers on it, etc…"

Helge: Yes, it's a good idea to start from one project and to upgrade later.

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