Saturday, February 02, 2008

ABC News: Has MySpace Jumped the Shark?

ABC News: Has MySpace Jumped the Shark?: "'Are you on MySpace?'

Helge: I've an MySpace account since 2005 but i don't use it. First I felt it was for young people. Now I forget it and don't have the time.

For those college-age or older, the answer may be increasingly no, coupled with a smirk, a roll of the eyes, and a withering 'No way. MySpace is for sexual predators.' Story MySpace to Further Open to Developers.

Helge: I did drop in the gender (age) gap.

While MySpace has at least twice the traffic and more users than its biggest competitor, Facebook, the younger site is clearly capturing the cachet so crucial to making a social network successful.

Helge: It's still big, yes.

'Facebook is the company to watch, while MySpace is falling off the radar,' Silicon Valley analyst Rob Enderle told 'MySpace is increasingly irrelevant. Unless they change that, they'll go the way of Netscape or Friendster or any number of other Web properties.'

Helge: What comes after Facebook. It was the big hit of 2007.

But even if MySpace is no longer the hippest site on the block, according to industry experts, it's not going down without a fight.

Helge: Innovation expected.

Although MySpace launched first, historically, the site has lagged far behind Facebook in innovations. While Facebook opened up its site to developers months ago, MySpace will just begin doing that next week."

Helge: Yes, I agree.
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