Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Millennium PR Andrea Weckerle

New Millennium PR: "Last week I was at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Research Symposium and Summit 2007 in Las Vegas, which, in my mind, is one of the 'must attend' yearly conferences.

Helge: Andrea Weckerle's face is familiar through Twitter and through Facebook.

Along with Jake McKee, I was one of the official conference bloggers. Being a designated blogger is a very different experience that being a regular attendee or even a speaker, and having now worked in that capacity, I have a much deeper respect for what goes into such a seemingly easy task.

Helge: Official event blogger. Hmm, I've never done it. It would be fun to be invited to some place at the dark side of the moon or the other side of the world where people live with their heads downwards.

Aside from the typical challenges of racing from one session to the next, making sure your computer battery doesn't run out of juice when there is no available plug, being flexible with program and panelist changes, and writing without the luxury of reviewing and editing what you've written, there is the responsibility of trying to record the highlights of the covered sessions in such a way that readers are able to get value from what you've posted."

Helge: No time to reflect. High speed writing. I do it sometimes. I've to struggle with the language.

NmpradrproNovember 14, 2005

About Andrea Weckerle

Welcome to Andrea Weckerle’s blog about social media, marketing, current events and other select topics.

Andrea’s Biography

Andrea began her career on the advertising and public relations agencies side in New York City, eventually working as a management consultant at an international professional services firm. A few years later, she began offering a variety of public relations and social media services to agencies, associations, organizations and a host of other client through her boutique consultancy. She now works at a San Francisco, California communications agency as a New Media Strategist.

Helge: Good to know.

Using the skills she learned as a former management consultant, licensed attorney and trained mediator – the ability to understand a broad range of issues, think strategically, and condense large amounts of complex information into a succinct message – she has served clients ranging in size from entrepreneurs and sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies.

Helge: From start-ups to mastodons.


Helping clients communicate more effectively in an increasingly complex public relations and marketing landscape.

Helge: I blog about people I meet on Twitter. Writing and analyzing the persons texts and profiles makes them more familiar. Most of the people I meet on Twitter and over the Social Media, I've never seen or met alive.

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