Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nik Butler and Helge Keitel about Social Media

Nik Butler, thanks for the Skype call yesterday. We discussed "Social Media in UK", exchanged information about Social Media on the British Islands and what we Finns are doing her up in the green, green woods, and country of thousand lakes.

We both agreed, there are psychological barriers for rapid expansion of Social Media in business, project management, and marketing. You told about successful cases in tourism, entertainment, the travel industry, financing and insurance industries. I see a common nominator in all these businesses; industries They need to get in touch with a large and dispersed population.

Nik, you also want to expand into entertainment. We didn't define "entertainment" but I guess it's a huge business area and social media applications are emerging. Nokia started its service platform to compete with iTunes. However, that's just a tiny little area of entertainment. It is a big industry in need for personalized services.

We spoke about visiting customers on-site or dealing through Internet and working from a distance and on-line. Finland as a location means that distance-work and teletravel is the way of life. We've five million people in a country that has a larger area than UK. The typical innovator don't find a single customer in his / her home town. When we step out of the door in the winter time there is just one meter of snow; no customers in sight!

People, customers, clients are living busy lives and don't have the time to visit sales offices and show rooms. Information about products and services has to be delivered to our computers, laptops, to mobile devices in our pockets and handbags. Television and traditional print media are too slow. The Net Generation don't watch television, they don't read the old medias.

We might watch soap operas, entertainment, and stand-up comedians on TV, but when it's time for the AD break, we all run to the fridge for a sandwich or a beer. TV News is like "Yesterday" from a Beatles vinyl album.

"Search engine optimization and the traditional Web 1.0 pages are still the focus for middle of the road marketing people in UK," you said.

"Businesses still don't grasp the idea of a continuous dialog with their clients. Even in Facebook traditional companies look for ways to place ads. Companies say, they want to listen to clients and prospects, but the CRM is still all about telling and selling to the customers, most are not investing in social interaction."

Companies are looking fro sales automation models but aren't yet ready to twitter, jaiku, blog and skype with "them". The customer is still an outsider (them). The role of the customer is to carry the pounds, dollars and euros to the company's cash register and in exchange "they" get a product or service. "Thanks, have a nice day!"

Transparent conversations with dealers, clients and prospects isn't a big mainstream activity yet, but we agreed, there is a strong under-current of change. Social Media as an effective global marketing tool is emerging. The power of SM is the promise for open and innovative dialog. The big companies need to rip down the walls and start talking live with real clients and not with demographical information and statistics.

I see opportunities in knowledge management and in handling complex negotiations on a global scale without the need to spend a big part of my life in airplanes and airport security check-lines. "The death of the salesman" is a valid play again. - He and she have to learn how to sell and tell online - and to listen.

We spoke about security issues as a barrier for big companies to enter the open and interactive world. Skype, chats, IM's, mysapces, and facebooks are banned by many corporations as security risks.

You said, "Companies need to refocus their emotional energy to better understanding of Social Media benefits instead of constantly thinking about the treats."

I agree, it's million times more important to talk with your/our clients and not get cornered in security traps where NDA's, corporate lawyers, firewalls, and horror stories about hackers looming for mystical and mythical corporate treasures are prohibiting people at all levels from talking with their clients.

What could we do together? How about networking? Would it be possible to create something new through cross-border collaboration? Let me present our operation a little more. KK-Net uses social media and virtual organizations for internationalization of innovative companies and start-ups. Ares of interest are: biotechnology, bioenergy, microbiology, health care, life science, etc. But social media can be applied to anything in the corporate jungle.
  • Market research, global field sales, marketing and business communication services

  • Understanding how innovations emerge and what is needed to build successful global business operations

  • Cost-effective business models and global collaboration, co-creation and open innovation

  • Organizing international operations for shortest ways to new markets and success

  • Working together in cross-border and cross-cultural projects on a global scale

  • Social Networking, Knowledge Management and Social Intelligence accumulation combined with Open Source Methodology

  • Sharing experience about what makes good ideas, excellent products and services to succeed and not to fail in the market place

  • Visual Radios blogs about how we move towards the "Office in your Pocket" and Mobile user generated content and learning

Let me give you an insight into how we grasp globalization from the peripheries of Europe:

Let's start from Latin America. Mexico is a beautiful country and the long history, starting from Aztecs, Mayas and Incas. The book about Mexico is most exciting. We’ve been reading the book we received from you and are looking forward to visit Mexico soon. Macarena Pallares is coming to Sotkamo, Finland in May 2008. "Olli, Irja, Samuli, Annalena and I are wishing you very much welcome. It will be nice to meet you in Finland again."

This means that we're able to provide that we can provide on-line global networking, knowledge management and social intelligence combined with open innovation and co-creation services to Finnish and international customers. Our national network of expertise ranges over many sectors. Let me mention just a few:

  1. Investment opportunities in real estate and innovative companies.
  2. Organizing innovative projects based on open source collaboration.
  3. How to approach chaos, accept the unstructured and let evolution carry work in progress.

    • Open Social

    • Hyperlocal

    • Global


- Macarena, we spoke with Olli a few days ago about your interest to work or take translation of other assignments from Finnish companies looking for business opportunities in Spanish speaking countries and / or Latin America.

- Looking at your excellent résumé, I think you and Olli could also provide blogging, social media, Wikipedia, knowledge transfer support to Finnish companies in need for fluent communication skills in addition to Spanish, also in French and English.

I also know from recent Skype conversations with Olli that you have a broad international network that has been developing over they years. Your and Olli’s studies at the Technical University of Troyes explains the French connection, and you mention in your CV about studies in Boston (Harward) and Texas, US.

Business Communication and Social Media Services

  1. Finnish

  2. Swedish

  3. English

  4. French

  5. Spanish

  6. German


I’ll send a copy of this e-mail to some of the companies we’re working with, and to Finnish business people we happen to know. I’ll ask them kindly to respond to you and Olli if they have assignments and work available.

It’s my understanding that you would both be able to start on a short notice, and you’re staying in Finland from May to August 2008.

I try to think about some companies and individuals in need for your skills, knowledge and experience. For those who would like to have Macarena Pallare's and Olli Kallio’s CV please take a look at the word documents.

Macarena, wishing you and your family a great week-end, we all hope to see you over in Finland again soon.

Greetings from Olli, Irja, Samuli, Annalena, Helge

Best regards

Helge Keitel
Phone + 358 50 309 2021
Skype: visualradio

Nik Butler, this blog is long like the Finnish winter used to be. I'd like to have your comments. Have a great day and, yes congratulations to the new child.

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