Saturday, February 09, 2008

Silicon Valley Innovation Institute

Silicon Valley Innovation Institute: "SVII 'First Wednesday' Innovation Society Meeting

Venue: Bay Cafe, Bayshore Ballroom, Palo Alto

Invite your friends and colleagues, and join us for the SVII Innovation Society 2008 Series Innovation Perspectives from Around the World:

Panel discussion with worldly members of the Innovation Society. Moderated by Sue Lebeck and Howard Lieberman.

Join us as we discover what Innovation Society members observe as they work with innovators and innovation managers from around the world. Discover perspectives from Japan, Belgium, Spain, China, Pakistan, and elsewhere, as we enjoy this lively panel discussion with:

  • Kimberly Wiefling, consultant and innovation teacher
  • Francine Gordon, innovation teacher
  • Tom Buckholtz, business advisor
  • Max Sims, industrial designer
  • Farrukh Shah Khan, technology programming producer

Learn about our colleagues' globe-hopping projects. Listen to what they have discovered while working with distinct innovation cultures.

Hear about cultural attitudes toward innovation, innovators, idea-development, intellectual property, risk management, funding and more.

Discover the unique innovation challenges -- or advantages -- that might exist in other innovation communities. Please join us for the conversation. See you there!"

Helge: I've to follow from a distance. It's a long way to Palo Alto. Would love to be there.
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