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Geography, social media and breakfast - Feb. 29, 2008

Geography, social media and breakfast - Feb. 29, 2008: "NEW YORK (Fortune) -- The next big thing is the integration of location-based information with social networking applications. At least that's one conclusion I took from a high-energy 'social media' breakfast for 100 techies in New York this week.

Helge: Social Media and location. Hi, here I'm in Loviisa, Finland. It's a small town in the southeastern Finland. It takes an hour to drive to the Helsinki Airport. One hour to the Russian border and 300 kilometers to St. Petersburg.

Not only will you see what someone is doing online, but you will know where they are doing it. That might significantly change how you relate to people in the real world.

Helge: The world becomes a fast-food restaurant. You can see the people from the window (screen) and what they are eating. Hmmm! Cool. Maybe.

The breakfast, which took over an entire mid-sized restaurant, was organized (using Facebook) by networker extraordinaire Jeff Pulver. The city's growing community of new media experts and practitioners came here from both bedrooms and giant corporations. The only agenda was exchanging business cards and ideas.

Helge: I got this information from my Facebook.

Like a surprising number of digirati, Pulver - a longtime Internet voice and video entrepreneur and evangelist - is devoted to getting to know people in the flesh. He thus cleverly attempted to bring online techniques to this real-world event. He spent the night before the breakfast stuffing plastic sandwich bags for each participant. Inside were nametag stickers, a bundle of post-it notes, and a sheet of tiny blank labels. (Here are what his bags looked like.)"

Helge: Social Media turning into Social Realism. Great.

"I am someone who believes that the more virtual we become the more we need to have face to face meetings. So at the breakfasts I have been hosting, I have taken some concepts from social media which we typically experience when we are online and have brought the concepts to real life," Jeff Pulver writes in his blog...

February 26, 2008

Getting Ready for another Breakfast with “Real-Time Social Networking”

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