Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wi-Fi Killed My Baby! - California town gives in to fear -

Wi-Fi Killed My Baby! - California town gives in to fear - "The town of Sebastopol, California had planned to throw up a few wireless access points downtown, until a few locals, obsessed with 'electrical sensitivity,' derailed the effort. According to the O'Reilly blog, said locals banded together and signed a petition against the project, citing research that shows Wi-Fi is hazardous to your health.

Helge: Gone are the days for ubiquitous computing. Mobility is a distant dream.

The only problem being, as we've stated repeatedly, that there is no such research. That doesn't seem to stop a growing number of anti-Wi-Fi groups who like to cite the non-existent evidence anyway. CEO Dane Jasper says his company was going to install the system at their expense (not taxpayer funded), and blogs about the plan here:
If you’ve got concerns at this point, please let me put things into perspective. Wi-Fi signals are typically 0.1 watt. Compare this to the mobile phone that you keep in your pocket, which is typically three to ten times this power level. When it’s at it’s highest power level, you hold it next to your head to conduct a conversation. Ever notice that your skin gets warm after a long call? That’s the only side effect of RF energy - warming. That is how microwave ovens work, at a much higher power level of 500-700 watts.

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