Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Historical first Facebook Chat with Blonde 2.0. She blogged about it and I got the message on Twitter.

Blonde 2.0 » Blog Archive » Facebook Chat: "So this morning I get on Facebook and guess what I find? Facebook Chat. Yes it was expected, but it was also a nice suprise.

Since I have I almost 900 friends on Facebook, you can imagine the number of IM’s I’ve been receiving. I find myself spending even MORE hours on Facebook today (if that’s even possible).

This feature will definitely add to the stickiness of the site and also make Facebook a more cohesive community I believe. With chat, its much easier to keep in touch with a larger number of contacts than through private messaging."

Hello, just a short mention, I did read your blog about FB chat and this is my first entry ever in lifetime at FB Chat. Have a great day. Br Helge from Loviisa Finland


wow, i am deeply honored to get your first message!


8:48pmHelge ;)
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