Friday, April 25, 2008

Digital high-speed project management

The opportunity to share knowledge and information from all around the world really has created a whole new sense of what education, knowledge management and learning is all about. We sense it with clients, partners and associates, and it has ultimately resulted in more enthusiasm for new development projects.
  1. we start to build a community
  2. we bring people together
  3. ensure that participants understand common goals, standards and values
  4. better understanding of the whole
The concept of having a specialized plan for every client / user / project participant is nothing new, but its efficient processing is new. The critical point is, how ready we are on a mental level to go on a digitally supported journey and explore new territories.
  1. create a sense of timely information and togetherness
  2. enhanced quality and timeliness of communication
  3. it saves time for people involved in the projects
There certainly is potential, taking full advantage of high-speed internet, efficient communication and timely electronic data processing to provide project managers and participants with opportunities to communicate about individual project segment needs, incorporate that in planning for entire projects, and then fine-tune efforts for individual participants within that project.
  1. participants don't need to suffer from being lost in information black-outs
  2. the experience of learning together is much a part of the process
  3. the principle of common good and common understanding
Part of the advantage of the electronic and digital world is speed. There's a real energy and excitement about integrating electronic digital tools into all kinds of business ventures, personalizing daily interaction clients and partners based upon specific needs of individuals or groups, and managing knowledge sharing more efficiently and productively.
  1. we see the evolution of the place where learning takes place
  2. we integrate the science and art of teaching, knowledge transfer and learning online
Today, we are able to include mobile workers into nearly real-time processing of information. There are multiple tracks to be followed in preparing mobile workers and participants for digital exploration and collaboration.

One of the elements we're excited about is increasing customer / user involvement is providing them to have digital access and to have an online communication linkage with project managers and on-site workers through computers and the internet.
  1. increased involvement and awareness
  2. immediate ongoing access
  3. the opportunity to communicate online 1-to-1, 1-to-M, M-to-M
Certain segments of the population are very receptive to using various new communication tools. Intelligent and adaptive business application of Social Media opens up new avenues into previously unknown fields and cross-country roads.
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