Saturday, April 12, 2008 | ontent hacking "Apr 11, 2008 | Content Hacking | Televison and radio content comes in programmes which are carefully planned and organised — ie. “programmed” — from first idea to finished product. The sames goes for most of the traditional printed publications like novels, short stories and newspaper articles.

This process is very similar to the way most major software used to be written for a long time. In the IT industry, this changed dramatically with the advent of Free and Open Source software and now huge projects like the Linux kernel are developed largely by volunteers in their free time.

This ad-hoc way of contributing to software projects as the individual sees fit is often described as hacking. I am seeing a similar revolution taking place in the content space right now. A shift from conventional publishing with a high barrier of entry to more liberal ways of creating and sharing art, music and text as well as audio and video content.

I recently came up with the phrase content hacking to describe this new movement."
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