Sunday, May 11, 2008

Knowledge Intesive Distance Work

A "better idea for distance work" has been on my agenda for two decades. Facebook might be one of the platforms that could help to take knowledge intensive distance work to a new level. Sometimes I feel that Distance Work doesn't appeal to companies, the concept isn't understood and individuals aren't always prepared or motivated. The basic idea should be easy to take into local practice with extensive availability of broad band services, but we are still in the very early stage of grasping the idea of KIDW.

Hirosato Matsuura wrote 7:35pm May 8th: "To all facebook friends. In Japan there will be an event called "Facebook developer garage Tokyo". (Monday, May 19, 2008 7:00pm - 9:00pm at BakeryCafe632 Harajuku / Jingumae 6-32-10). I want to appeal as a one of developer in Japan to Japanese developers, web-based movement such in facebook can make social change in various category human-beings facing (poverty, global warming, wanter, medical...). If you know some techniques to appeal developers who are not aware about web-based power, or some good example in other country, please email me at facebook or"

I wrote: "Thank you for the information. I'm in Finland and it's a long way. Are you webcasting, podcasting or twittering the event?"

There was a reply from Michael Wolff 7:31pm May 10th, "Well, what we are attempting with knowledge intensive (KI) work is about social change, by aiming to become the web platform for online work. Currently the market supporting this is highly fragmented, but once someone cracks how to provide a service for online workers that is every online workers first port of call (just as Google is the first place for search) then significant social change is possible. On the environmental side we see online workers as having an average annual saving in carbon of one ton. We see the demand for online work growing to in excess of 100 million online workers within ten years. So work it out. Then, on a more subtle level, online workers need to work collaboratively in order to succeed. 100 million people relating in this way can be a power for change..."
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I need to write more about my practical experiences. The big picture is clear and promises lots of advantages for individuals, enterprises and the society, but the practical arrangements are not well managed even though we've all the necessary tools for this trade.
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