Monday, May 12, 2008

Services Overview - Mayfair Electronics

Prince Nana wrote, "Helge, thanks for joining the Inventors and Entrepreneurs group. I checked out your blog. Very nice. You are welcome to post information about Mayfair Electronics, Inc if you would like, please write me back if you have any questions or comments. Thank you."

Who is Mayfair Electronics?

Services Overview - Mayfair Electronics: "Mayfair Electronics Inc, founded two years ago and incorporated in 2007, is an electronics hardware, and technology based company focused on delivering leading cutting-edge innovation in wireless digital communication and multimedia technology for consumer, education, and the professional market. Our “Make Life Easier” motto means quality service with a quality product that will make life enjoyable for everyone, while improving mobile communication, digital media, and global networking with our products.

  • Founded 2007
  • Electronics hardware and technology
  • Consumer, education and professional market

Mayfair develops electronic products that are unique and stylish. We introduce the world to a new market with our products, and make way for the “untapped market,” extended with our highly skilled and proprietary creative techniques of designing and product functions. Mayfair aims to provide its customers with the best price- performance products in the industry."

What are the products?
  • Make life easier
  • Untapped market
  • Creative techniques of design
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