Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SmartPhoneToday: News: SAP Is Wooing the BlackBerry CRM Crowd

SmartPhoneToday: News: SAP Is Wooing the BlackBerry CRM Crowd: "SAP Is Wooing the BlackBerry CRM Crowd. By Richard Adhikari May 6, 2008. In a move that might herald sweeping changes for the mobile workforce, SAP has natively integrated its customer relationship management (CRM) application into the Research In Motion BlackBerry hand-held device. This will give the mobile workforce full access to all of SAP CRM's functionalities, which will be pushed out to them over the BlackBerry. BlackBerries with SAP CRM natively integrated will be generally available within the next few months, and SAP will natively integrate the rest of its business applications into the BlackBerry."

I wrote a story in Finnish today about a Estonian - Finnish joint venture leading to a CRM-tool for Nokia Symbian 60 mobile smart phones. I still have to check how the pilot projects have proceeded since 2006.
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