Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Twitter Has Failed: The Power of Time and Mainstream | SheGeeks

Shegeek writes about the mainstream users on Twitter...or the lack of ordinary folks. The Social Media Geeks do understand its value but there is a broader following on Facebook, Shegeek says.

Why Twitter Has Failed: The Power of Time and Mainstream | SheGeeks: "Now don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter. I’m considered one of the “go-to” women for Twitter advice, apps, and more. I’ve done so many Twitter posts and reviews that I’ve had to give it its own category. So, guess what? I not only love Twitter, but I understand Twitter. While Twitter enjoys it’s meager success from a wide variety of users, they’re all in the same bubbles: Tech, Design, PR. Twitter really doesn’t go very far outside of these bubbles. The mainstream users of Myspace and Facebook have little to no clue about Twitter. And while it has been picking up mentions in the press, it hasn’t been picking up in mainstream usage.

Over two years later and Twitter is still a small phenomenon. I wouldn’t recommend anyone outside of the aforementioned bubbles to get on Twitter because the focus of conversations and communities are very specific to those bubbles and their latest topics/gossips. Twitter is practically useless for anyone who wants to learn more about dancing ballet or riding horses. While it can extend into these niches, it hasn’t. It hasn’t caught on and spread into other industries besides the one that gave it its wings."
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