Friday, October 03, 2008

Blogger: User Profile: Marigo Raftopoulos

I make this post to familiarize myself with Marigo Ratpoulos. I'll write more when I read her blogs.

Blogger: User Profile: Marigo Raftopoulos: "Marigo Raftopoulos

* Age: 45
* Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
* Zodiac Year: Tiger
* Industry: Business Services
* Occupation: Management Consultant
* Location: Melbourne : Victoria : Australia

About Marigo Raftopoulos

I've been working as a management consultant for over 20 years. I spent the early part of my career in the big international firms and now I know better. Square pegs (the consultancy's formula answer) do not fit into round holes (the client's perceived problem). Today I work together with my clients to help them make sense of their challenges and to inspire them in building their internal learning and capability. But that's easier said than done..."

I commented on her blog:

You write, "However the new information economy is driven by the economics of networks, and this requires distinctly different management tools. Krebs, and others, maintain that our knowledge economy operates on the complexities of our connections and our networks. And at this point in time, many organizations still have the neat, mechanical hierarchies sitting on top of the complex networks of information flows and knowledge sharing."

I can list numerous traditional businesses / enterprises where command and control is still very much in the driving seat and the business environment around these traditional industries is changing rapidly.

- The forest industry lost sight of changes ten years ago and is now trying to adapt to the need of disruptive research and development.

- The energy sector is still very centralized and top-down while distributed energy resources are available.

- Engineering, process and machinery manufacturing is still adapted to deliver for the post-ware industrial complex when people are looking for something new.

- There is a huge over capacity of manufacturing in China producing things nobody is going to need.

- The investment banking crisis also tells that we're loosing the common sense of understanding how complex global systems work. The financial crisis might be followed by serial killing problems in the food supply chain that nobody can control.

Loviisa, Finland
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