Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Docs - The Perfect Tool To Live Blog any Event

I learned about Google Live-blogging a few minutes ago but don't still know how to do it. I've used Google Docs for several projects. Need to go there and check it out. I'm happy for advice and comments.

Amit Agarwal is a professional blogger and personal technology columnist for a national newspaper. He launched this site in 2004... and he wrote the text below on his blog

Google Docs - The Perfect Tool To Live Blog any Event: "Add Google Search. Bring Google to Your Intranet & Website - Join Our Free Newsletter! live-blogging

I recently wrote this guest article for the Google Docs blog on how to use Google Docs word processor for live blogging an event – it could be a large keynote address or a conference call or someone speaking at a local BarCamp in your city.

Why use Google Docs as a tool for Live Blogging?

First and foremost - you are live-blogging on your own website and not on a third-party platform – that means you retain all the web traffic. Second, Google Docs offers a rich blog editor so you get to include photos, hyperlinks, tables, etc in your live blog.

Thanks Meredith Whittaker (Google Docs Program Manager) for the opportunity."
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