Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Seeds of the Next Big Thing Are Being Planted Now

What will it be? Where are the next big things? What will the sub-prime and financial crisis teach us? What more happens on the web? Are we heading back to real economy? Will it be more software or just food on the table?

The Seeds of the Next Big Thing Are Being Planted Now: "September 4th 2008 marked Google’s tenth birthday. That means that during 2000 and 2001, when all the air was being let out of the dot-com bubble, Google was in its infancy. That was a good idea that survived the bleakest time for high tech companies. On the flip side, Facebook has not even reached its fifth birthday, but as a company it is worth well more than four billion dollars. Great ideas can scale and become big businesses very quickly. And incredible organizations like Six Apart, Plaxo, and Ning were all started before the Web 2.0 boom. What does this say about the nature of technological development and its relationship to the economy? That technological developments breed innovation, and that innovation can produce economic benefits with demonstrable impacts on the bottom line. No one knows what the next Google will be, but if it is not being built now, then someone will probably start working on it in the near future. Don’t stop working on side projects and ideas that interest you, because those ideas not only might turn into brilliant products or services but also might turn into the economic catalyst that spurs our economy onward."
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