Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seriously interested in a resolution: the big and little man and the future of start-up innovation

"Here is more info," Prince writes me today. I ask about the release of the email and get advice to continue:

"Yes, you don't have to publish that part, only the regular email because we are the correct recipient and we have authorized you to publicize any information as need or necessary."

Prince K. Nana, there is still one part of the email concerning the Licensing Contract that isn't in this original posting. What should I do? Can Mr. Lee's comment also be a part of this posting? I like to have your advice.

Remember, Mayfair Electronic is likely the "little guy" compared to a global electronics giant. I think it is fair to say that the legal resources are not comparable. But if going public is of any help then let's continue. I can continue to post.

Do you know about other people blogging about Mayfair Electronics?

Br Helge

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Mayfair Electronics Inc <>
To: Chong-Woo Lee
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 11:17:48 PM
Subject: Re: Re : Re: Licensing Contract

Mr. Lee,

If you have not noticed as of yet, LGE has been the problem and has not made any attempts to reach a resolution with MEI; you continuously attempt to take a position which is clearly false on LGE behalf.

Forcing or threatening Mayfair Electronics Inc, its directors, employees, and agents with legal action will not change that fact that LGE has copied Mayfair’s “Power-Up 24/7” product.

We have made a proposal which LGE has ignored and do not want to reach a resolution as is apparent, so we will continue to pursue our attempts to publicize any necessary information about LGE’s fraud and attempts to discredit MEI and its “Power-Up 24/7” product.

As stated earlier in our previous email, if you and LGE are seriously interested in a resolution, we have sent out a licensing contract for LGE to review, sign, make payments, and return for filing and docking to complete the licensing transaction. Other than this, LGE can stop making and claiming ownership to an IP product that does not belong to any of the LGE corporations and recall all products shipped out to service provides. The choice is yours and the ball is in your court. Once again, good luck.

Prince K. Nana

Chairman and CEO

Mayfair Electronics Inc

Intellectual Property Division

Licensing Department

Office: 202-355-2994

Fax: 703-580-4935



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