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The Story of the Big Fish Trying to Eat the Small Fish

I communicated with Prince K. Nana over the weekend and I received the post and a word document that has been copy pasted below:

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LG Decoy: The Story of the Big Fish Trying to Eat the Small Fish. Originality and Innovation is what Big Business Promises; How far will it go to claim its stake over copied IP Portfolio of an emerging tech company as its own?

Helge: I'm not the judge in this case. Please comment. Does anybody have more to say? I think blogging about contemporary David and Goliath is just as valid today as in the Old Testament. I asked Prince K. Nana to tell what his lawyers has been advising. SMEs might not have a chance against the big players in court. Ive no idea about the details but it would be good to learn about similar cases and what innovators can do to protect themselves. What is your advise to Prince K. Nana?

WOODBRIDGE, VA. (October 15, 2008) – Mayfair Electronics Inc announced today that the buzz over the new LG phone, the “Decoy” is a copied version of its own IP product, the “Power-Up 24/7,” which was filed with the USPTO on March 5, 2007 has been ‘patent pending’ for over 18 months. Mayfair claims that after filing for its patent on the “Power-Up 24/7,” a modified cell phone with a charger attachment, it began the marketing process of the product as needed under patent law to spark interest for licensing by tech companies in the industry such as LG; Motorola; Samsung; Nokia; RIM; and Apple.

Through such process of marketing and submitting materials to the listed corporations above for its “Power-Up 24/7” and “MAYFAIR” laptop product, Mayfair received enormous feedback from major tech companies showing interest in the products, but unwilling to license the IP Property to use it.

After several phones call, email, and letters for an ongoing period of about 8 months with some well established companies, they declined their interest in working with Mayfair to advance innovative products as they promises continuously, but are willing to undercut Mayfair and claim fame for itself by copying and attempting to modify the IP as it own; exactly what Mayfair claims LG Electronics Inc has done with its new release phone with Bluetooth attachment, the “Decoy.”

“Our decision to focus on telecommunication and multimedia products based on original IP gives the company a clear direction into the future. Whether we develop these products on our own, or through a partnership effort by licensing, our expertise in envisioning, developing and launching new IPs helps tremendously. We have leaped ahead of competitors, and we’ve got the creative sparks and originality for advancing innovative products in the industry,” said Prince K. Nana, CEO of Mayfair Electronics Inc and continued: “We work hard to develop products that will enhance and “make life easier” for consumers in the market place, while creating jobs for individuals in a highly skilled industry, to promote a healthy and long term economic sustainability for the future.”

LG Electronics constantly preaches about advancing innovation, yet lacks originality and approach innovation with stagnancy. Feud by greed and money, LG undermines the hard work, time, creativity, and value of human life and efforts made to make a difference in our communities and the world, as it pursues to copy Mayfair’s IP (Intellectual Property) product portfolios’ as their own. This is truly a criminal act on LG’s behalf, and its integrity and promises of innovation advancement is very questionable.

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Helge: I'll continue to write about this case as new information comes to my attention.
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