Friday, November 28, 2008

Open society and global terrorism

There is a new trend in terrorism. I cop pasted this from an email that originates from Slate Magazine. I've also been following what is said about #Mumbai on Twitter.

Washington Post writes. There is a link to WP in the Slate insert.

MUMBAI, Nov. 28 -- Indian army commandos struggled all day Thursday and into the early hours of Friday to regain control of two luxury hotels and a Jewish center in India's commercial capital, battling armed assailants...

Mumbai Under Siege By Daniel Politi
Posted Friday, Nov. 28, 2008, at 6:43 AM ET

More than a day after groups of gunmen descended on southern Mumbai and carried out a string of highly-coordinated attacks targeting "well-known symbols of India's prosperity and places where Westerners and Israelis gather," as the Washington Post summarizes, government forces were still working to gain control. The attacks have left at least 143 people dead, according to early morning wire reports, and more than 300 injured. The New York Times highlights there are widespread fears the death toll would rise since people who escaped the hotels reported "stepping around bodies." It's still not known who was behind the attacks, although it's clear the gunmen were well prepared. The Los Angeles Times hears word the militants "struck after months of reconnaissance during which they set up 'control rooms' in the targeted hotels." And the Wall Street Journal hears unconfirmed reports that the attackers had been renting an apartment for the past six months near the Jewish center that was attacked. USA Today highlights that whoever they were, the gunmen delivered "an unmistakable message: This U.S.-friendly democracy of 1.2 billion people has joined the front lines of the global war on terrorism."

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