Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Power Of Collaboration In Today’s Blogging World - 10 Reasons to Find a Blog Buddy

The Power Of Collaboration In Today’s Blogging World - 10 Reasons to Find a Blog Buddy: "Working alone as a blogger can at times be lonely. In this guest post two bloggers, Eric Hamm from Up-And-Coming-Blogger and “Motivate Thyself” and Sean Platt from Writer Dad have together written a post outlining some of the advantages of collaborating as bloggers and finding a ‘blog buddy’. This is the first part in a 2 part series..."

Helge: Working alone with any business or social activity can be lonely. Imagine how hard it has been to write books, poems or novels in the past. Blogging is a new thing and involves a much broader layer of the society.

Saying the Internet’s big is a Rushmore of understatement. Our computers are planets, the Internet a galaxy. Viewed from afar, there are a billion points of light, but swimming in the middle of it all, it is easy to feel alone among the black. Finding a comfortable orbit isn’t immediate, but if you stick with blogging, it is an eventuality.

Helge: The Internet isn't always big for the individual writer. Having 10 to 100 readers a day is just a tiny little piece of the Internet apple pie.

Blogopolis bursts with neighborhood upon neighborhood, brimming with amazing people. Some we meet while a guest at their blogs, while reading their words and observe perspective. Some we meet below the belt of our own blog, bantering among the comments. Others send us an email; a more private venue to foster a friendship.

Helge: How to find the friends and supporters on Internet can be just as difficult as in real life.

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