Saturday, February 14, 2009

InternetNews Realtime IT News - Bill Joy on Reinventing Silicon Valley -- Again

I got this information through my Gmail.

InternetNews Realtime IT News - Bill Joy on Reinventing Silicon Valley -- Again: "February 13, 2009
By Susan Kuchinskas:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Bill Joy is a fix-it kind of guy. He improved UNIX to make it more stable because, as an admin, he got tired of driving to the computer lab to reboot the machines. He helped James Gosling perfect Java. Now, he wants to fix the Silicon Valley economy by pushing it toward renewable energy.

In an onstage discussion with journalist Brent Schlender, Joy outlined his vision of how the talent pool and manufacturing infrastructure that brought the world the PC and the Internet can help solve the world's energy problems -- problems the tech industry has contributed to with dirty manufacturing and energy-slurping data centers. The Wednesday night event was sponsored by the Churchill Club, a business and technology forum.

Cynics might say there's a sense of staleness in the Valley, with every Internet company using the same boring business model of delivering pay-per-click ads, but Joy says the local semiconductor industry has a vital role to play in renewable energy.

'There are direct applications to the green revolution of what we've learned to do in Silicon Valley,' he said. Moreover, the skills its entrepreneurs and programmers have could be easily translated."
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