Saturday, May 16, 2009

Making of a movie

Writing the script. Thinking about the commercial aspects. The producer calling every day about the bottom line. They were talking about the Asphalt Jungle, I try to create my own movie script.

Arthur Miller was concerned about the middle class mentality of America. My idea is to make short form micromovies. I could take the same approach. We have our own middle class constructions as well.

Arthur Miller thought there was intelligent and capable people, they needed high-quality movies. We need the same.

The project was not turning out as a Wester and some of the movie stars didn't understand the meaning - even though many loved Arthur's intelligent texts.

Some wanted to find their place in the world. They drank too much.There were personal problems. Making a long movie is a demanding project. I plan a one man show. There's always tension in a big production.

For me, the only tension is to transform ideas to real micromovie clips. I'll write progress reports, be patient.

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