Friday, June 05, 2009

Apps for Democracy Finland - Kansalaisosallistujan työkalut | MindTrek

Got into this through Facebook and Qaiku.

Apps for Democracy Finland - Kansalaisosallistujan työkalut | MindTrek: "The competition team supports initiatives that use information technology to make the world a better place. We strongly believe that the collaboration between citizens and public sector may be enhanced by clever IT-solutions.

The availability of public information enables people, and society as a whole, to take responsibility and apply conscientiousness in the decision making processes. On the other hand private citizens and organizations have lot's of detailed information waiting to be delivered in useful manner for the public sector organizations. We want to use software to help address these issues.

The 'Apps for Democracy Finland' is your chance to wow the world with your ideas; your chance to build better systems on top of public data; your chance to demonstrate the value and the power of public data when it is let free; your chance to take public information and display it in exciting new ways; and your chance to walk away with a range of prizes."
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