Saturday, August 08, 2009

More people centric blogging

I've a Seesmic account but I've not used it. Wanted to use it with my E71 but there is not a mobile interface so I continue to use Qik and Bambuser.

Haven't yet posted videos to my Flickr account either. Nokia's OVI doesn't pay an important role in my life yet. I feel OVI is complicated. Flickr isn't.

My blog postings could become little works of art and I work hard to personalize them.

The English language is certainly a challenge. It's very demanding to get into the flow. I've to struggle with the words. But life isn't easy either. I try to learn new ways of expression every single day.

I seldom hit people with products on my blogs but I've been inspired by buildings, nature, street pictures etc.

I would like to write more interviews about people but time is a limiting factor. Interviewing takes time.

This social media stuff is what we breath on a daily basis. My social media usage isn't expanding but I try to focus on the channels I've - which means a lot.

First step was blogging but the most interesting events take place in microblogs. I'm happier with the use of Facebook now.

With social media I can follow thousands of conversations on an annual basis. It could be used as sales funnel as well but I still concentrate more on socializing and expressing ideas.

My interest isn't in multilevel marketing. Social media is probably at best the most important learning environment I happen to have. Great ideas can be turned it into conversations and sharing ideas means very often that they become better when they are touched and commented by others..

Maybe I can tell someone else about things that are on my mind with all the pictures I take and have taken over the years. Drawings, cartoons, and old memos contain great and weird ideas. I've been posting a part from a huge archive.

A great way of communication happens with pictures transmitted to Brightkite and Qaiku. Flickr and Brightkite transport them to Friendfeed, Twitter, and Facebook where they get a second life. Or at least an extension.

Twitter has been low on my list lately and Friendfeed could certainly get more attention.

Flickr and KK-Net's Gallery, on the other hand aren't just my or KK-Net's family photo albums but a part of my / our personal exposure. My followers can see on a continuous basis what I'm involved in.

Old and new pictures have credibility and they can underline important historical events in my and KK-Net's life.
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