Friday, December 10, 2010

Performing disturbing events in the darkness

One second of the past three years flashed through my mind. We started playing with augmented realities again. There it was finally - dramatic music on the stage; out of the darkness of my mind.

The tune is there for everyone to listen. In search for the vision of now. I was shocked. It was a large venue and still a very personal experience.

It all happens in front of a live audience.

I take care of my friends and take pride of being a good band leader. Sometimes deep despair and still determination to reach the people in the way we can. With undiscovered music on our minds.

Almost being a part of a bigger conversation where we loose our illusions.

Now, get in touch with your spiritual life; your songs are made of small untoucahble objects. We call them words, and a string of words sometimes becomes a poem.

Search for a better way to express yourself in 3 minutes. Not an easy task for a creative person with a long story to tell.

I do!

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