Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The international importance of India

The country's economy is growing at roughly 8 percent a year for the past decade. India's business community tends to be family centered, both at home and abroad.

The international importance of India is rising. Most economists predict that by 2025 the country will outstrip Japan to become the world's third largest economy.

India's population is today 1,21 billion, second only to China's 1,3 billion. Much of the Indian middle class has ties outside India. The ties around the world are also family ties.

At the end of ´20s India will have an estimated 1,4 billion people versus China's (one child policy) 1,39 billion.

Soon more people will speak English in India than in USA. Indian's have global family ties and are very flexible about doing business on a global scale. They are global and cosmpolitan.

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