Thursday, December 08, 2011

Postcard from Gdansk, Poland

Postcard from Gdansk, Poland. The year 2011 is almost finished.

We did spend some time in Gdansk over twenty years ago just before the stumble of the Berlin Wall.

Today 29.12.2011, I read about news from North Corea:

"Life in the North Korean capital came to a standstill as mourners dressed in thick, dark colored jackets blanketed the plaza from the Grand People's Study House to the Taedong River for the second day of funeral ceremonies for the late leader. A giant red placard hanging on the front of a building facing Kim Il Sung Square urged the country to rally around Kim Jong Un."

The Sovjet inspired communism is gone and history, but there're stiil some strongholds on the globe: China and North Corea. China is very much capitalism inspired. North Corea is trying to become a museum of hard-line communism with closed borders and no freedom of speach for its citizens.

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