Thursday, January 05, 2012

China on my agenda

China on my agenda
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I've China on my agenda and will spend more time to follow what happens in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India... Another way to look at the new emerging markets is to follow things and trends in the BRIC countries.

Financial Times Thursday December 29, 2011, tells about Labour unrest in China.

- LG Display hit by worker militancy

- Workers become very assertive

- Nervousness grows within government

- Revelations from Memo to Barack Obama

The weakening global economy has prompted companies to cut pay and benefits. The cheap labor model does cause problems and some estimate it isn't working anymore.

Thousands of employees at the LG Display factory went on strike over year-end bonuses.

The dispute involved some 8 000 people and forced a partial production shutdown at the Nanjing plant.
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