Thursday, February 09, 2012


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Katinkulta was the place where we had a Digital Villages think-tank meeting a year ago. Today, we're ready to propose full-scale solutions to clients around the globe.

The main elements of strategic architecture are mission, strategic business areas, analyses, goals, competitive strategies, action programmes, long-term financial planning and securing the strategies coming through.
This blog  is a description of that journey. We've been looking at the content, history, development, methods and implementation of strategic management models for years.

Strategic planning, combined with exceptional social demand and consumer insight, results in a strong village / city identity with attractive brand positioning.

Digital Villages is an evolutionary process. In all problem solving, service design or community building project participant learn by doing.

  • Sustainable strategy created through a collaborative effort
  • Development of visualization tools
  • Their integration within social networking services
  • Application of network visualization techniques and tools

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