Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Helsinki IST 2006 in Finland


PICTURE: Mr. Ferran Cabrer, Helsinki, Finland (2007)

I wrote, “We’ll meet again” in a group posting about the innovationtrain (innovaatiojuna) and in memorium of the social media platform Qaiku that is planned to stop its operation October 15, 2012. Those were the days...

The above picture was taken 2006 at the European IST event in Helsinki. There was a lot of talk about innovations, the role of ICT, strategic leadership, European collaboration, etc.

IST 2006 - Strategies for Leadership

Over 4,500 delegates ... almost 50 conference sessions ... 160 exhibits ... another 104 networking sessions and workshops, featuring thousands of online comments and suggestions ... over 2,700 votes for the best IST 2006 Exhibit and over 21,000 votes for the best IST project website ... the IST 2006 Event may have been one of the best ever held more

Six years later, I’ve been distancing myself from tech talk and innovative initiatives and focused on daily bread and butter activities.

Good for us and for our company. But I miss some of the people, don’t even remember their names. I was talking with Ferran Cabrer over Skype a few weeks before our departure to Spain, but we didn’t have time to travel to Barcelona this time.

We promised with Mrs. Irja Kallio to make a separate trip and spend a few weeks in Catalonia and Barcelona… and to talk about the present state of European innovations  and / or stagnation.

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