Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The roadmap from start to growth and prosperity


PICTURE: Helge V. Keitel, KK-Net, Sotkamo (22.1.2013)

I sketched an easy to use roadmap and business plan for anyone dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur, innovator or a business person.

  1. innovation
  2. business idea
  3. start-up
  4. financing
  5. organization
  6. facilities
  7. building the bridge over the valley of death (the distance can be measured in “months” and /or “years”)
  8. how to finance and execute growth
  9. international operations (penetration – dedication – saturation)
  10. the challenges of competition, cost efficiency, productivity and continuous innovation


This picture is a great metaphor of the early stage of any entrepreneur. Make sure you’ve someone willing to help you, to give you advice and take you over the bridge of troubled waters. The “business angel” is also visualized. There’re new dangers waiting around the corner when your business starts growing.

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