Friday, March 10, 2017

Digital Villages has been in the making for three decades

It started out as a very analogue process 1987 in Kajaani. Things have changed, we're now taking an aim at our home base from an outsider's perspective.

First, we're chatting about "talking walls" and "info centers".

Back then, it was much talk, visual and digital day-dreaming but very little action.

Personal Computers carried a lot of promises but businesses lived in a paper driven world. Nevertheless, The PC was a milestone for the movement that ten years later surfaced as the concept of a digital village.

The first generation Digital Villages came along 1997 in Southeastern Finland. We were able to use Internet and Web 1.0 technologies as a platform to improve local and regional networking.

We're now ready to reach out and find new audiences.

It's hard to believe that the virtual construction of "Wirby the Global Village" would continue as a self-improving project for such a long time.

The first generation Digital Villages was still a regional story while the products and services connected only had a local, regional or national reach at most.

When we watch the world at present we need to work with people and producers who love to connect with their audiences on a global scale.

It's 2017 and we should be able to talk about digitalization as way to provide visibility and public awareness to products and services that have been limited and restricted to a small local market in the past. We'll do it in a way that counts.

Today, the tools are much more advanced and the fantasies of 1987 can be accomplished through global collaboration of small independent and distributed teams of producers.

Progress was being made on many levels.

  • Broadband
  • Youtube
  • Podcasts
  • Picture Galleries
  • Digital Storytelling

We're attracting and connecting with people who love to do what they're passionate about.

Today, technology isn't a bottleneck or information flow a limitation anymore. We can  do it! Digital Villages is a living network and a breathing brand.

  • We're working to make this a worldwide phenomenon

As a partner, you just have to believe that you're good at what you do, while working to process and integrate those who are willing to grasp their own share of the market.

Now, we're giving Digital Villages a second chance to become a hyper-local and transatlantic success story with a built-in ability to scale for global reach and business growth.

  • Micro-movies showing the opportunities to do good
  • Representation is the best thing that has come out of the Internet
  • Putting yourself out there and being open and honest and authentic about who you are and what you represent creates interest and attracts followers

DV 2.0 is responsive in real time to customer needs and the changing needs of international clients. Many future products and services will be created and improved through crowdsourcing of customer requests.

  • We want to be famous around the world in hopes of reaching digital nomads, especially digitally advanced international people with an edge and a pitch
  • And with everything going on we can say that multi-channeling has a purpose 

Collaboration is the key to the evolution of the creative process showing networking partners in a flattering light. Our producers are using social-media marketing to create hype as strong that customers join the crusade and start doing their hyper-local activities on their own while sharing with others.

  • Younger people are connected by the Internet, and that means we're communicating with people from halfway around the world 

We're featuring characters, personalities and organizations that are real and complicated, contradictory, normal individuals, organizations and companies like we all are, who are also allowed to be funny and challenging.

  • Playful positivism
  • Hyper-local live shows
  • We welcome those who like to think they're citizens of the world

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