Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Fast Fresh Flow Logistics Chain

We live in the most dynamic and trans-formative time but also facing a diverse range of complex issues and uncertainties.

To tackle modern day challenges in the forest industry we require updated solutions.

Cutting edge innovations that will allow us to connect, reach the hard-to-reach results, we need to engage with those who have the knowledge and power to create better productivity tools and methods.

The out of the box solutions came around when participants got active in their own time-frame and own space, eliminating key barriers that prevented the creators from getting the necessary depth and clarity needed to solve the problems.

We've been out there in the woods, crisscrossed logging yards, visited pulp and paper mills, sawmills and engineered wood components production units where influensers, solution providers and innovators discussed, showcased and explored the intersections of forestry operations, technology, automation and social change.

Learning from these experiences, beyond basic production and processing, we came together with dedicated networks to help drive the impact of social and technological change across the value chains.

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